dinner - dond tem zat van 18u. brunch - zon van 10u. drinks - woens tem zat van 17u. zon van 10u. visit - st paulusplaats 25, 2000 antwerpen belgië.  contact - michelle@tabledance.be or roman@tabledance.be or ︎

~ Antwerp Art Weekend :
~Music X Tea Workshop, Lars Holdhus (no) and Dambi Kim (kr) on Sunday 27 May, from 2pm
~Victoria’s Secret Subtenant, Laura Welker (de) and Kamilla Bischof (at) on Saturday 26 May, from 7pm
~100oc, Jack Davey (uk) on Friday 25 May, from 7pm
~ CMON & Tim Koh (usa) live on Wednesday 23 May, from 8pm
~ Supper Club with Swolfs & De Mey play Hantonelli and Odyssey (be) on Thursday 17 May, from 7pm
~ Supper Club with Nosedrip (be) on Thursday 10 May, from 7pm
~ Eric Thielemans (be) & Jean-Yves Evrard (fr) live on Sunday 6 May, 6pm
~ Kraftgalli (ice) live on Saturday 5 May, from 8pm


Lil Jabba (us) live and dj Mills, on Thursday 26 April, show 9pm
~ Will Guthrie (au) live drums and percussion, dj Gerard Herman on Tuesday 24 April, from 8pm
~ Jj funhouse (be) invites you on Saturday 21 April, from 8pm
~ the Table Dance opening party was on Saturday 31 March 2018 -
Hap, drank, dans:
17:00 —— Breughel en Bosch / crackers from Loes & Krikke
19:00 —— Gerard Herman / cocktails from Barbara en Eva
20:00 —— DJ Yugogo (MIAUX) / shakerburas from Otark
22:00 —— DJ Cénile Dion (D Tyfus) / oysters and sausages from Redant en Vermeulen
00:00 —— AGAIN (A Kaye & J Matthé) / lots of love from Roman and Michelle