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4-5 Catering for the annual (early music) MA festival Brugge

8 Stacks (BE) Our Body Memory LP presentation and live set

21 Snack castle for the 24 hour drawing marathon in Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

23 Destination Earth - Hela Bilaletdin (FI) and Samuli Tanner (FI), New Root Canal (BE)


21 Xmas supper and closing event

2 HMOT (RU), Sergei Demin (RU), Impossible Territories (RU) live in TD

11 Mark Morgan (USA) and Gaute Granli (NO) hosted by #ultraeczema

18 Floris Vanhoof (BE) @endlesswebsite performs live in TD

27 Zero Years Kid (BE) and Father (JP) live in TD

28-1 TD Artist Residency - Ehsan Morshed Sefat (SE) and Tim Davies (UK) present Lace and Leather

2 John Bennett (USA) performs live in TD

9 Viki Viktoria (USA), Andy Ortmann (USA) and DJ Gypsy Flemming (BE), Delta Wave

10-12 TD Kitchen Residency - Felix Reade (UK) and Jamie Smart (UK), old friends from St.JOHN, recently cooks at Lyle’s and currently Brawn, London

16 The Monocle Travel Guide Series - Brussels and Antwerp

20 Ultra Eczema’s Billenkoek with Bill Nace (USA) and Dylan Belgrado

21 Will Guthrie (AU) and Gerard Herman (BE) perform together in TD

27 BRUIS book launch, fermented recipes by Barbara Serulus (BE) and illustrations by Elise Van Iterson (NE)

31 Table Dance invites you to their annual Halloween party

5 Miaux (BE) LP presentation and Beyt Al Tapes, hosted by De Nor #ultraeczema

31 Dinner and a Dance, Fake Fiesta Girls (aka Roman and Michelle!) dinner from 6pm at TD, dancing from 1am at Feest met Ijsjes, Het Bos

25 Justine Grillet (BE) exhibition + performance, three times

26-28 Rhys Savage, Australian wizard in the kitchen

27 Michelle cooks for for @CREAMCAKE #paradisefound 2, BERLIN

27 Weird Dust, Lieven Stockx, dj Cosmo Knex (DE) in TD

8 Scott Gilmore (USA) (live) in TD

9 ABC Klubhuis & Table Dance proudly present : ‘What Am I Doing With My Life?’ by Doctor Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson feat. David Bernstein the Cosmic Comforter (ICE)

14 Lynn Cassiers (BE) for Jazzkroegentocht

21 Private birthday BBQ for customer of the year, Nik Naudts

5 Adam Asnan (UK)

17 Dinner with James Rushford and Francis Plagne (AU)

20 Jonáš Gruska (BA) solo

25 O Yuki Conjugate (UK) & DJs Zipo and Morbus Gravis (BE)

1 Raphael Roginski (DE) and Joachim Badenhorst (BE)

7 Eric Thielemans (BE) solo

25 Jozef Dumoulin (BE) solo

17 Sausage KARAOKE

24-28 Guest chef @victoravonds (BE), now head chef at Frenchie London

26 DJs Planet Age Digital Sound (USA)
1 Pricks with Sticks / djs Kaye (UK) and Matthé (BE)

7 Table Theatre — Dans la voiture (Clément Laloy (BE))

13 Zoot Ruf Ski (BE) & Cosmo Knex (DE)

21 DJ Merry und Wally from Cologne (DE)

22 Notte Bolle, a dinner and a dance curated by Arthur (BE)

10 @kraakrecords Braublff 7 shows by Els Vandewyer (BE) and Chik White (NS) ~ dj @vanlooverenerwin (BE)

11 BRUNCH with Merope (LT/BE), presenting their album, 'Naktės'

23 Oorstof presents: Apricot My Lady + Bart De Paepe

3-6 PEIMAN KHOSRAVI (IR) in the TD kitchen

6 Eddie Ruscha (USA) aka Secret Circuit, live at the TD


12 SFV Acid (USA) live + Cali Digital djs (USA)

13 Supper Club with King Dick (BE) (for Cedric)

21 Numero Group (USA) factory outlet at TD

31 Halloween at TD

8 Asmus Tietchens (DE) & Dj Zipo (DE)

15 Table Dance takeover the Bosbar at Het Bos

19 Lichen Gumbo (FI) with KRAAK

27-30 Table Dance takeover at SANDY BROWN GALLERY for BERLIN ART WEEK

29 TUIG leather launch party with Hantrax (BE)

5 FELIX KUBIN (DE) live & Dj Cénile Dion (BE)

12 Summer Twilight with Café Jozef

19 Dj Nibbles (UK) & Suzanne Kraft (USA)

18 The Word Radio & guests: live party broadcast from Table Dance

22 BRUNCH with Dj Schraenen (BE)

27 NTS’ CHARLIE BONES (UK) back to back with NOSEDRIP (BE)

9 Sep François (BE) & Tim Vandebergh (BE)

15 Jazz Kroegentocht: Warmoeskerken/Hiele/Stevens (BE) + dj Raphael (BE)

21 Supperclub: Jj funhouse (BE) presents ssaliva (BE) cd release party

29 Dj Charme (BE) cd release party on Friday

28-30 RANI BAGERIA (AT) shoe shop POP-UP

30 Kaye (UK) & De Mey (BE) : CRUISE

5 Kraftgalli (ICE) live

6 Eric Thielemans (BE) & Jean-Yves Evrard (FR) live

10 Supper Club with Nosedrip (BE)

17 Supper Club with Swolfs & De Mey play Hantonelli and Odyssey (BE)

23 CMON & Tim Koh (USA) live

Antwerp Art Weekend:
25 100oc, Jack Davey (UK)

26 Victoria’s Secret Subtenant, Laura Welker (DE) and Kamilla Bischof (AT)

27 Music X Tea Workshop, Lars Holdhus (NO) & Dambi Kim (KR)

21 Jj funhouse (BE) invites you

24 Will Guthrie (AU) live drums and percussion, dj Gerard Herman (BE)

26 Lil Jabba (US) live and dj Mills (BE)

31 the Table Dance opening party took place on Saturday 31 March -

17:00 Breughel en Bosch / crackers from Loes & Krikke

19:00 Gerard Herman / cocktails from Barbara en Eva

20:00 DJ Yugogo (MIAUX) / shakerburas from Otark

22:00 DJ Cénile Dion (D Tyfus) / oysters and sausages from Redant en Vermeulen

00:00 AGAIN (A Kaye & J Matthé)