september 2019

sichuan smacked cucumbers en coriander (vega) 8.5
aubergine, tsukemono, mirin en mint (vega) 9.5
sausage pie en a pickle 9.5
orval drunk cheese toast (p) 9.5
spitskool en lemon miso butter (v) 11.0

pan-fried mackerel and tomatoes (p) 16.0
green curry, courgette en koolrabi (vega) 16.0
faggots and mash 17.0

kaas (Frontieren) 9.5
butter mochi en verse room 7.0
chocolate cake, apricots en cherries (gluten free) 8.0

opening hours for food, thursday - sunday from 6pm. 
allergies let us know, reservations via ︎ or