regular menu back from thursday 31 january

Ham from the Cantal 8.0
Selder soup, Aldo bread and butter 6.5
Sausage cake and a pickle 7.5 
Drunk cheese on toast 8.0 Braised celery and smoked miso 10.5
Savoy, borlotti and green sauce 14.5
Beuling dumplings and smacked red kool 16.5
Lu rou fan (Taiwanese stoofvlees) and rice 15.5
Saint-Nectaire and a pickled walnut 7.0
Colsten Bassett Stilton and poached pear 7.0
Hot butter mochi and cream 6.5
Pear and sherry trifle 6.9


vegetarians and allergies let us know
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