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we are closed for now, but check insta for take-away options every friday and saturday
opening hours for food, thurs - fri - sat from 18-23u. allergies let us know, reservations via instagram or info@tabledance.
Here is a sample menu!
Please see our instagram
for more up-to-date info -

Bierworst en pickle 4.5
Cambodian sour soup 8.0
Fish fragrant aubergine 8.0
Fake papaya salad 9.5
Orval drunk cheese toast, laoganma 9.5
Swede en tijm party pie 9.5
Knolselder croquettes, apple bbq jam 10.5
Thai faggot, nam prik 11.0
Deep fried rabbit, peanut soy, cute pickles 14.5
Pumpkin threesome curry 16.0
Dongpo pork en pineapple 17.0
Kaas en kweepeer 9.0
Butter mochi en whipped cream 8.0
Blood orange jelly en shortbread 8.5

let us feed you!
menu to share (price per head) 36.0